The following are a number of examples of projects in which our raw materials have been used.

Road construction


Municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch A Cloburn red carpet. The reconstruction of the Julianaplein in ‘s-Hertogenbosch has been completed. From a standard roundabout to an oval roundabout: safe, spacious, modern and colourful. The square offers pedestrians and cyclists a natural environment, naturally red…

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Maastunnel tunnel

Municipality of Rotterdam When the tunnel was finished in 1942, there were yellow clinkers in the road surface until it was so damaged in 1965 that these were replaced by grey asphalt. Now, more than 50 years later, the tunnel…

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Lekdijk dyke

The Rivierenland Water Board opted for advisory cycle paths with a reflective surface course on the Lekdijk. This involved the use of reflexing white. It was a deliberate choice intended to increase safety. Optically, the roadway is, in fact, being…

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Ten Katestraat

The Ten Katestraat street, which is the location of the daily Ten Katemarkt market, has been redesigned. This street, has been covered with an asphalt designed to look like an old-fashioned granite kitchen floor. This has been achieved with a…

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F59 – fast cycle route

The fast cycle route between Oss and 's-Hertogenbosch is 20 kilometres long and connects the station in 's-Hertogenbosch to the one in Oss. The route largely follows the railway line between both locations and passes by all the stations in-between,…

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Bels Lijntje

As a result of the CROW publication entitled 'Road Surface Reflection' [Wegdekreflectie], the Municipality of Tilburg put out a tender for the addition of a red, reflective asphalt layer to the cycle path known as the 'Bels Lijntje'. This involved…

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HOV2 Eindhoven

Municipality of Eindhoven The bus lane being used for the new High-Quality Public Transport Network [Hoogwaardig Openbaar Vervoersverbinding] between Eindhoven and Nuenen includes a reflective asphalt mixture. The work has been tendered in phases. Consequently, companies such as Heijmans, Rasenberg…

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Hydraulic engineering

Spui fluid subsidence

The sea defences along the Spui waterway were prone to the fluid subsidence failure mechanism. The water board decided that a large-scale, two layer reinforcement project was needed to guarantee the exterior stability. Thanks to these measures, the residents of…

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Maintenance of the Amsterdam-Rhine canal

The Prinses Marijkesluizen is a complex of sluices in the Amsterdam-Rhine canal near Rijswijk (Gelderland) and Ravenswaaij. The complex consists of two lock chambers and a sluice to shut off the Amsterdam-Rhine canal from the Lek. Under normal conditions, the…

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Measures to counteract fluid subsidence at Dordtsche Kil

The sea defences along the Dordtsche Kil were prone to the fluid subsidence failure mechanism. The Water Board decided that a large-scale, two layer reinforcement project was needed to guarantee the exterior stability. Thanks to these measures, the residents of…

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Kunstwerk Katwijk Uitlaat engineering structure

Between October 2013 and February 2015, the coast near Katwijk was reinforced with a 'Dyke in the Dune' structure. An underground car park was constructed between the dyke and the boulevard. At the same time, the dune area was widened…

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Golf resort Bernardus

One theme was central to the development of the Bernardus golf resort in Cromvoirt: "Everything must be right, down to the smallest detail!". No effort was spared for this beautiful golf resort and only the best and most beautiful materials…

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Lyceumkwartier Municipality Zeist

In the municipality of Zeist, the penetration, asphalt and unbound pavements on paths and driveways are being replaced by GraviLyn ©, a 100% natural semi-hardening based on our Gravier d'Or ©. Suitable for recreational purposes, light traffic and it gives…

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Belgian limestone was used to construct the Rockgarden mountain bike track. Cycling across the Rockgarden improves your steering skills and is therefore an ideal new training option.

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The ‘Green Carpet’ [De groene loper]

GraviLyn© has been chosen for the redesigning of the public space on top of the A2 motorway tunnel at Maastricht. This is a 100% natural hardening material for footpaths and cycle paths. It combines the benefits of a paved road…

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Semi-paving in ‘s-Gravenmoer

During the renovation work, semi-paving Gravier d'Or was applied to the cycle path along the Donge in the municipality of Dongen. This ensures that it retains its natural character.

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Bouldering rocks in the Oosterpark

During the expansion and renovation of the Oosterpark park, the architect decided to apply a creative interpretation to the theme of natural play. This involved the inclusion of 150 bouldering rocks.

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Concrete industry

Amsterdam Westermoskee mosque

The prefab concrete decorative elements are made of blasted concrete based on Norwegian white marble. The same applies to the domes which have a diameter of 3 metres.

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Endemol offices and studios

The prefab concrete elements have been given a relief structure to make them look rough. This, combined with the slick façade grids generates an entirely unique, clear and fresh image.

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