About Rotim

We are people who offer solutions instead of products

We are Rotim, we offer solutions instead of products.

We are working on an even better infrastructure for the Netherlands. We do that by supplying the best raw materials for road construction and hydraulic engineering and by contributing to a fantastic living environment with our extensive range of naturally coloured decorative materials.

We are looking for opportunities to improve. Whether that is about raw materials, their application or the process. The more complex the issue, the more we enjoy it.

By approaching issues differently and identifying opportunities, by exploring new avenues, by challenging and by looking to expand. This enables us to find the best solutions.

Due to our knowledge, experience and creativity we know what is possible and together we come up with ideas to make the world more attractive and colourful and a better place all-round.

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A brief introduction to Rotim

Rotim was established in 1980 by Rob Klemann and Timo Bos, which is how the name ROTIM came about. The company was originally located in Zeist, but relocated to the burgundian city of ’s-Hertogenbosch in 1996. Over the years, the Rotim range has been considerably extended. Whereas, in the beginning, the company primarily supplied armour stone, track ballast and semi-pavings, it later expanded into the supply of materials for asphalt, coloured asphalt, architectural concrete and minerals for industrial applications.

A management buyout took place in 2003. Rotim is an independent company. It is precisely that which enables us to make our own choices. It gives us freedom to do business without having to take into account any relationships that might restrict us.

Our mission

To turn products into solutions!

How do we do that you might ask?

  • By creating an internal environment in which everyone feels the freedom to work to the best of their abilities. Everyone is significant and we work together as a team to surprise our customers.
  • By sharing knowledge. We therefore enable our customers to stay ahead of the market. Our solutions exist at 3 different levels: product knowledge linked to quality and service, sharing (process) knowledge and devising smart logistical concepts.

What makes us unique:

  • Our focus on optimisations, new concepts and creative solutions.
  • We consider project continuity to be more important than profit maximisation.
  • Transparent cooperation.
  • Our contribution to a sustainable circular economy.

All-round knowledge

Rotim has a wide range of products that can offer customers unique added value thanks to their specific characteristics. In addition to bulk products for which optimal logistics are extremely important, we are supplying more and more niche products to meet customers’ specific wishes.


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