All-round knowledge

Rotim has a wide range of products that can offer customers unique added value thanks to their specific characteristics. In addition to bulk products for which optimal logistics are extremely important, we are supplying more and more niche products to meet customers’ specific wishes.

Road construction

We have a fantastic infrastructure in the Netherlands. This is important to a transit country like the Netherlands from both an economic and social perspective. Working on our road network involves a complex interplay of safety, speed, reliability and environment.…
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Hydraulic engineering

Searching for creative solutions for the unruly North Sea is part of our DutchDNA. The unique locations of hydraulic engineering structures that are constantly battered by the elements mean that robust solutions are required. And we have them! We supply…
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Track ballast material is subject to stringent requirements. It must be highly resistant to dynamic shattering. The material must not only be hard and durable, but also angular so that it interlinks well and provides lateral resistance. Railway construction is…
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The quality of our living environment is largely influenced by the nature and quality of buildings. People respond subconsciously to the energy in the environment. We believe it is important that everybody can live under pleasant conditions. That is why…
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Concrete industry

To contribute to creating a colourful living environment is one of our goals. That is why the concrete product industry is close to our heart. Many concrete products are used to give public spaces structure and to embellish them. Trends…
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Industrial minerals

In road construction and hydraulic engineering, and in the concrete and leisure market, colour and civil engineering characteristics determine the possible uses. The situation is totally different in the industrial mineral market. Here, chemical composition and reactivity with other minerals…
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