More Rotim

By cooperating with others and by challenging and inspiring each other, we are able to achieve creative solutions. This generates an energy that leads to optimisations and new concepts. Together we are stronger!

Since 2011, Rotim has had a subsidiary in Belgium, namely DCG-Handel BVBA in Genk, which serves the Belgian market.

Rotim Innovaties BV was set up in 2014. Rotim Innovaties develops new products and concepts.

Rotim is one of the parties in AquaBASE BV. This is a partnership with TenCate Geosynthetics Netherlands BV, Tauw BV and Van den Bosch Beton BV that offers climate-adaptive solutions for water buffering.

For large-scale hydraulic engineering projects we have a partnership with De Beijer Bouwgrondstoffen BV called Combinatie Rotim & Beijer VOF (CR&B). This enables us to guarantee project continuity and thus limit the risks of stagnation.

Rotim is one of the ‘founding fathers’ of the International Coloured Asphalt Foundation. The purpose of this foundation is to make the world more colourful.

On 2 October 2017, Rotim signed the ‘Sustainable Logistics in the Building Industry’ Green Deal. In anticipation of political decision-making we are carrying out a thorough analysis of how we can anticipate on the Paris Agreement on climate change. The question we are asking is where and how we, as a supplier of primary raw materials, can contribute to a sustainable circular economy?

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