We are Rotim

  • Corina van Herp

    Corina has worked at Rotim since 1999. She knows the company like the back of her hand and is responsible for keeping track of all the financial goings-on. She keeps her finger on the pulse, both internally and externally. With unbelievable dedication and commitment, she is one of the mainstays at Rotim.
  • Wouter Heurkens

    Calm, ordered, accurate and always a tidy desk. These are just a few of Wouter's characteristics. He has worked at Rotim since 2010. He arranges all the road transport and supports our external sales colleagues. He is someone you can always rely on.
  • Saskia Neggers

    Saskia stands for the quality of our products and processes. Tenacious and straightforward. With her enormous knowledge in the field of product quality, Saskia is also a welcome addition to our sales team.
  • Rietje Maas

    Rietje is reliable, has loads of experience and is responsible for managing the financial accounts of primarily our activities in Belgium. She is extremely valuable to Rotim precisely because of her experience and knowledge of both the Dutch and Belgian accounting systems.
  • Edo Heslinga

    As a building engineer, he ended up working in the field of raw materials and, with Norway as his second fatherland, Edo is an extremely valuable member of the Rotim team. In an inspiring, honest, driven and sometimes slightly perfectionist way, he is trying to make Rotim future-proof. By always anticipating changes in the raw material market he is, as a co-shareholder, a passionate leader of the Rotim team.
  • Moenis Ben

    The youngest member of the Rotim team is Moenis. He joined Rotim in 2016 and is customer-oriented, keen to learn and extremely driven. His main focus is on the leisure market as well as the civil and hydraulic engineering sector in the west of Holland.
  • Joep Smulders

    Joep is one of the mainstays at Rotim. He joined the company in 2003 and has since grown to become an all-round account manager. Joep has huge experience in road construction, the concrete industry and the leisure market. He is a fantastic team player within our organisation.
  • Youri Dirne

    Youri's strengths are coming up with concepts and being creative and a connector. With his extensive knowledge of road construction and broad interest, he is fully committed to finding climate-adaptive solutions for urban areas. Sustainable mobility is another subject that he enjoys discussing.
  • Ferry van Dooren

    Ferry joined the logistics department in 2007. In the hustle and bustle of daily planning and organising, it is essential that we act decisively. That is one of his qualities! Ferry is responsible for all materials that are transported by water, whether via inland waterways or the sea. He is also the company's photographer. For more information visit: www.pbs-photography.com.
  • André Kooloos

    'Rotim blood' has been flowing through André's veins since 1994. If someone knows all the facets of the company, it is André. He is primarily responsible for DCG Handel BVBA, the Rotim activities in Belgium, and is also a co-shareholder. A people's person, a creative thinker, driven and extremely committed.
  • Marika van Hirtum

    Since mid-2018 Marika rejoices us every day with cheerful mood. She is excellent in all that is entrusted to her: administration, accounting and debtor management. Adequate, precise and correct, and all that with a big smile!


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