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Lyceumkwartier Municipality Zeist

In the municipality of Zeist, the penetration, asphalt and unbound pavements on paths and driveways are being replaced by GraviLyn ©, a 100% natural semi-hardening based on our Gravier d’Or ©. Suitable for recreational purposes, light traffic and it gives a rustic look.

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The Green Carpet

GraviLyn© has been chosen for the redesigning of the public space on top of the A2 motorway tunnel at Maastricht. This is a 100% natural hardening material for footpaths and cycle paths. It combines the benefits of a paved road…

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Bouldering rocks in the Oosterpark

During the expansion and renovation of the Oosterpark park, the architect decided to apply a creative interpretation to the theme of natural play. This involved the inclusion of 150 bouldering rocks.

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Semi-paving in ‘s-Gravenmoer

During the renovation work, semi-paving Gravier d'Or was applied to the cycle path along the Donge in the municipality of Dongen. This ensures that it retains its natural character.

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