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Bels Lijntje

Municipality of Tilburg

As a result of the CROW publication entitled ‘Road Surface Reflection’ [Wegdekreflectie], the Municipality of Tilburg put out a tender for the addition of a red, reflective asphalt layer to the cycle path known as the ‘Bels Lijntje’. This involved adding both Reflexing white and Cloburn red to the surface course.

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HOV2 Eindhoven

Municipality of Eindhoven The bus lane being used for the new High-Quality Public Transport Network [Hoogwaardig Openbaar Vervoersverbinding] between Eindhoven and Nuenen includes a reflective asphalt mixture. The work has been tendered in phases. Consequently, companies such as Heijmans, Rasenberg…

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F59 – fast cycle route

The fast cycle route between Oss and 's-Hertogenbosch is 20 kilometres long and connects the station in 's-Hertogenbosch to the one in Oss. The route largely follows the railway line between both locations and passes by all the stations in-between,…

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Ten Katestraat

The Ten Katestraat street, which is the location of the daily Ten Katemarkt market, has been redesigned. This street, has been covered with an asphalt designed to look like an old-fashioned granite kitchen floor. This has been achieved with a…

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