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Tri-On The essential basis for mobility

News 24 February 2020

Keeping a road surface in good condition is a major task for many highway authorities. Opting for a new asphalt layer without additional measures is often not the right long-term solution and is literally a stopgap. In time, it will lead to tears at the joints or old areas of damage.

Asphalt reinforcement is a tried and tested solution for this problem that will extend the life of the road surface.

Three-part solution for asphalt maintenance

The ingenious Tri-On asphalt maintenance method increases the durability of asphalt and the intervals between maintenance. This is the result of the three-part effect:

  • Stress relief
    The asphalt reinforcement spreads the peak stress of a tear over a larger area on both sides of the tear.
  • Reinforcement
    This involves the asphalt reinforcement absorbing some of the tractive force of the asphalt. As soon as the asphalt exhibits a tear, the entire force is absorbed by the asphalt reinforcement rather than the asphalt itself.
  • Interlayer Barrier
    This prevents water ingress in the underlying layers. Water ingress can lead to accelerated degradation of the construction.

Tri-On can advise on this based on its practical knowledge and expertise. As a result, we are able to make optimal use of the three effect principles during your project.

About Tri-On

Trion is Greek for ‘three’. From a mechanical perspective, a triangle is the strongest shape because the three sides work together optimally. Taking this idea as a point of departure enabled the three producers, Esha Infra Solutions, TenCate Geosynthetics and Rotim Innovaties, to combine the very best in the field of asphalt maintenance. State-of-the-art products, which have come about through internal product development and installation by people who know what they are doing, combine within Tri-On into solid and properly substantiated maintenance solutions for the greatest capital in the field of mobility, namely the road network.

Tri-On inspects, advises and installs!

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