Industrial minerals

In road construction and hydraulic engineering, and in the concrete and leisure market, colour and civil engineering characteristics determine the possible uses. The situation is totally different in the industrial mineral market. Here, chemical composition and reactivity with other minerals determine the possibilities. We know how to deal with these possibilities. Rotim supplies various minerals which find their way into the ceramics industry, in scouring agents, toothpaste, etc.

Concrete industry

To contribute to creating a colourful living environment is one of our goals. That is why the concrete product industry is close to our heart.

Many concrete products are used to give public spaces structure and to embellish them. Trends in colours and materials often determine the demand. This requires a modern, dynamic and flexible range and that is precisely what we have. Our high-quality and naturally coloured minerals are a source of inspiration for architects and customers and are processed in many concrete production plants.


The quality of our living environment is largely influenced by the nature and quality of buildings. People respond subconsciously to the energy in the environment.

We believe it is important that everybody can live under pleasant conditions. That is why we are trying to answer questions such as: how do you create a place where you can be yourself, where you can enjoy your life together with your family and friends? How do you create a place where you can enjoy leisure pursuits, experience nature, and find relief from the stress of everyday life?

Using decorative products such as boulders, gabions, naturally coloured crushed stone and semi-pavings you can create a colourful, natural and attractive environment. The effect of these products is truly surprising.


Track ballast material is subject to stringent requirements. It must be highly resistant to dynamic shattering. The material must not only be hard and durable, but also angular so that it interlinks well and provides lateral resistance. Railway construction is a project-related market. As a consequence, logistics is an extremely important factor. Projects require flexibility in terms of delivery with regard to both size and method of transport. Given that our terminal in Amsterdam is located close to deep water, directly alongside a motorway and with a railway link, we have the option of delivering by ship, lorry and railway wagon.

Hydraulic engineering

Searching for creative solutions for the unruly North Sea is part of our DutchDNA. The unique locations of hydraulic engineering structures that are constantly battered by the elements mean that robust solutions are required. And we have them!

We supply all standard types of armour stone with the usual density of 2,650 kg/m3. We also supply quarry stone with a very high density. Eclogite has a density of 3,200 kg/m3 and Rodense even has a density of 3,700 kg/m3.

What are the benefits of high density armour stone? A thinner layer is sufficient which saves on material. In the event of stone penetration with hydraulic engineering asphalt or colloidal concrete, it means you need less asphalt or concrete. A higher density is therefore interesting both from a financial perspective and the perspective of ENVI.( Dutch for Most Economically Advantageously Tender).

Road construction

We have a fantastic infrastructure in the Netherlands. This is important to a transit country like the Netherlands from both an economic and social perspective. Working on our road network involves a complex interplay of safety, speed, reliability and environment.

Contracts have evolved this decade to a form in which contractors need to take more and more responsibility regarding design, implementation and maintenance

The new types of contracts mean the contractor needs to take more and more responsibility in the field of design, implementation and maintenance.

This also offers opportunities! The contractor can make a difference by using innovations and introducing creative solutions. We are keen to help by collaborating on sustainable mobility through innovations and creative solutions.

One example is coloured asphalt. Ask any adult or child about the colour of asphalt and they will all say it is black. However, that is not necessarily the case! Precisely for this reason we want to inspire and challenge landscape architects, designers, highway authorities, customers and government bodies to think outside of the box. In that way we can all help to create a colourful living environment.

One of our innovations is a light-reflecting road surface. This increases visibility, which, in turn, helps increase traffic safety and, at the same time, saves significantly on energy costs (up to no less than 47%) in terms of public lighting. Another benefit is that it lowers the temperature of the road surface on summer days, which significantly reduces the risk of rutting as a consequence of softened asphalt. This is an innovation that pleases us!